Steam Control

Golden, shiny crusts. Juicy, tender meats. In other words, perfection, every time.


The secret is steam

To always provide the perfect finish, controlled steam is the key. Rather than relying on dozens of small, easily clogged nozzles, Baxter's patented, self-contained spherical cast steam system dispenses water from a single large opening. The water interacts with heated cast iron spheres to create the large amounts of steam that are necessary for a thick, golden crust. Gravity combines with the Baxter airflow system to do the rest. Steam is evenly dispersed throughout the oven.

Whether you’re using Baxter’s Rotating Rack or Deck Oven, the operator has complete control over the volume of steam that is applied. The cast iron system also acts as heat reservoir, reducing temperature drop and providing a faster temperature recovery.


Incredibly durable, incredibly effective

Incredibly durable and incredibly effective—Baxter’s steam system provides consistent water volume through a wide pressure range to ensure a repeatable steam/bake.

  • Cast iron spheres create large amounts of steam for golden crust
  • Water dispensed from single large opening to eliminate clogging
  • Also acts as heat reservoir for fast temperature recovery
  • Even steam dispersion accelerates cooking and generates even results for all products
  • Maintain complete control of steam volume applied