Precision Airflow

Eliminate cold and hot pockets of air for precise temperature control.


The difference you can see and taste

The ultimate balance between air velocity and direction—airflow is vital to producing consistent results, from baking light pastries to rethermalizing panned foods. As a result, cold and hot pockets are eliminated for precise temperature control.

Baxter’s precision airflow technology allows for:

  • Uniform heat from top to bottom of the oven or proofer
  • Continuous air movement ensures even proof or bake
  • Consistent temperatures even if a door is left open


Rotating Rack Oven

Baxter’s unique airflow system generates uniform heat and uniform results. It works with the oven’s rotating rack and our patented steam system for the most even bake possible. The airflow system is part of both our gas and electric rotating rack ovens.


  • Hot air is distributed through our exclusive heat exchanger system.
  • A ceiling-mounted axial fan continuously pulls air up the length of the heating element, forcing heated air across the unit and down the other side of the oven and distributing heat evenly over the product.
  • This process eliminates cold and hot pockets and maintains consistent temperatures.
  • The self-contained steam system in our rotating rack ovens uses ducts to disperse steam in a pattern that mirrors the airflow.
  • The oven’s rotating rack further ensures even distribution of heat across every product in the oven. When the oven’s timer is started, the heavy-duty rack automatically lifts and begins to rotate, resulting in completely even heat dispersing from top to bottom and also across the racks as they turn. The combined result is a unified, balanced cooking or baking process.



Baxter proofers are designed to proof dough without drying your product. Our patented airflow system and exclusive humidification system make this possible.

  • Two continuously running 6” fans, combined with an intermittent, two-second flash water spray system, force air over a heated element through a vertical air duct.
  • The fine spray of water allows for precise proofing control of delicate products.
  • The warm, moist air moves through the top and bottom of the cabinet in a patented dual circular pattern. This dual pattern creates a balanced airflow, resulting in a controlled proof that is maintained while loading and unloading.
  • A combination humidity/temperature sensor is located next to the air duct to capture true readings, ensuring consistently perfect results.