Commercial Ovens

Versatile design backed with precision heating makes the perfect product every time.

Designed to be versatile and flexible enough to prepare a wide range of products, Baxter knows businesses today have to adapt to changing demands in order to thrive. Our ovens have the qualities you need to meet demands for quality and consistency, no matter what you’re preparing.

Features like our programmable digital controls in our Rotating Rack and Mini Rotating Rack Ovens allow you to store up to 99 menus for consistent results every time. For even more control, adjustable steam settings let the operator decide how much steam and the time between bursts for each product. In our Deck Ovens, each deck can be set to operate independently at different temperatures allowing you to prepare different products simultaneously.

Our ovens are built to last, too. Quality construction ensures attractive, durable equipment, while the advanced technology of our precision heat, air and steam control means products are perfectly baked each time.

Consistent Cooking

See and taste the difference of precision steam control.

Scratch Baking

We have the precision needed to execute the art and science of baking from scratch.

Retherm Technology

Expand your offerings with consistent results - even the next day.

Precision Airflow

Our ovens offer exact temperature control for perfectly even results.

Precise Steam Control

Precision steam lets you achieve the perfect finish every time.

Baxter Insights

Download our white paper to learn why steam is key to cooking.