A leader in designing and manufacturing quality cooking and bakery equipment worldwide.

Baxter is a leading equipment supplier to a growing number of major institutions, schools, grocery stores, hospitals, assisted-care facilities, hotels, restaurants, resorts, correctional facilities and military locations worldwide.

You'll find Baxter products in small independent bakeries as well as facilities with multiple ovens for bulk processing. Our equipment is used for a multitude of applications including bread and confectionery baking, roasting meat and poultry, and reheating batch-cooked and frozen meals.

Baxter's rack ovens are increasingly used in the "finishing process" for precooked or pre-proportioned foods and entire meals in the foodservice market. Batch-cooked foods (prepared on site or in a central commissary) can be chilled or frozen and pre-portioned, then later rolled into rack ovens to be rethermalized and finished for serving without sacrificing product quality.

A global presence with small-town roots—throughout our 50-plus years in business, Baxter has been many things to many industries. We believe advanced technology exist for one core purpose: to help you create an authentic experience for your customers. When our customers' needs change, we find ways to not only provide what they need but also supply equipment that always performs optimally, is easy to install, efficient to operate, and has parts and service available to minimize downtime.

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