Accessory Oven Racks

Practical, durable and essential (like Baxter)

Racks fit single- or double-sized Baxter ovens

Stainless steel and aluminum rack materials

Versatile from proofer or retarder/proofer straight to the oven.

Designed for Baxter Single Rotating Rack Ovens and Double Rotating Rack Ovens, Baxter oven racks are practical and durable equipment for your kitchen. Offered in either aluminum or stainless steel models, all racks are constructed with 4" swivel casters and tops that are compatible with Baxter rack ovens. A variety of size configurations and slide spacing are offered to provide the right rack for your application.


Maximize Production

Whether you’re a small bakery or a commercial food service operation, get exactly what you need from your kitchen.

We understand there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all kitchen, which is why we offer all the tools you need to get the most out of yours. Whether you choose from accessories like our foodservice rack additions to our heavy duty racks, you are in total control of your production.

Customize and Optimize

Choose from a variety of rack options or order custom racks that fit your needs.

Side load, end load, single rack or double rack, you can choose the type and style of rack that best fits your operations. Select slide spacing to fit your food needs--you make more than one item & we have a variety to meet your needs. You can even choose between stainless steel or aluminum construction. The choice is yours!


Built to Make Your Kitchen Work Better

Stainless Steel Construction
Made with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel
Shipped Fully Assembled
Standard model is ready-for-use upon delivery