Retherm Technology

Expand your offerings with consistent results - even the next day.

Precision Airflow

Our ovens offer exact temperature control for perfectly even results.

Precise Steam Control

Precision steam lets you achieve the perfect finish every time.

Baxter Insights

Download our white paper to learn why steam is key to cooking.

A New Degree of Kitchen Technology

Baxter continues to bring you the greatest equipment technologies, so you can continue to serve the greatest food.

In a world of quickly changing tastes and preferences, foodservice and food retail operations from bakeries to correctional facilities depend on their ovens to provide the versatility to handle changing demands. That’s where Baxter ovens step in. Our precision airflow can help you quickly and perfectly roast trays of sliced potatoes. Our patented steam control system can make the difference when you need a meat dish to retain its moisture. In fact, you might be surprised to learn just how much Baxter can do for you.

At Baxter we strive to set the world standard of quality and innovation in cooking and baking. We offer you precision control of steam and temperature that produce the most even airflow and custom consultations to fulfill even the most challenging requests—all to meet the most exacting standards and demands of your customers.