Rotating Double Rack Gas Oven Featuring Smart Touch Digital Control (Model OV520G2)

Smart Touch™ Digital Control

Easy-to-use, programmable control



Smart Touch improves ease of operation and brings out the best in baking and cooking efficiency to boost the productivity and profitability of your bakery or kitchen.

When paired with Baxter’s Rotating Double Rack Gas Oven model OV520G, Smart Touch increases energy efficiency, utility savings, and further decreases greenhouse gas emissions, making Smart Touch an environmentally friendly option.



  • Auto, Manual, and Classic Modes – simplifies operation with minimal training needed
  • Error Code Display – reduces downtime and repair time for faster equipment issue resolution
  • Visual Operator Guide – easy to follow operator tutorials with instructional support 
  • Customizable Security Settings – controls access to oven parameters and functions
  • Multilingual Display – supports workforce diversity with content available in English, Spanish and French


  • Utility Monitoring – tracks energy usage and utility costs to improve budget estimates
  • Improve Efficiency – reduces energy use and expenses for a lower total cost of ownership


  • Touchscreen Menu – simplifies recipe selection by searching by image or name
  • USB Connection - allows for quick recipe upload and download for easier management and consistent results across multiple locations
  • Recipe Cycle Count - collects and stores recipe usage data to help users maintain a log of baked and cooked products

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