Terms and Conditions for Purchases from 3rd Parties

Binding Agreement

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY. By electing to purchase products or services that are made available by dealer or other third party websites that are linked to from the Hobart website, you will be sent via a link to the web site of the dealer, merchant, advertiser, or other information or service provider (“Merchant”) that is offering such product or service. The relationship between Hobart and the Merchant, and the limit of Hobart’s responsibility for any shopping you may do by linking through this site, are expressed in the Terms and Conditions specified below and the Terms of Use for the Hobart website which are incorporated herein by reference, as they may be amended from time to time. Before being linked to a Merchant’s site, you must agree to all of such terms and conditions by clicking on the “I Accept” button. If you do not click on the “I Accept” button, you will not be linked to the Merchant through this site.

Purchases of Products or Services

Hobart is not a party to any transaction between you and any Merchant or any other party, and is not responsible for any products or services you may elect to purchase or use, except as specified in the Hobart Warranty, if you are the original end user of a new Hobart product that is covered by such warranty. All transactions regarding goods or services offered by Merchants, including, but not limited to, the purchase and payment terms for such goods or services, warranties, guarantees, maintenance and delivery, are solely between you and the Merchant and are governed by the terms of the agreement between you and the Merchant. Hobart is not a party to any transactions between you and a Merchant, and is not liable for any direct or indirect costs or damages arising out of any dispute between you and a Merchant. OTHER THAN THE WARRANTY HOBART MAKES TO ORIGINAL END USERS OF NEW HOBART PRODUCTS, NEITHER HOBART NOR ANY THIRD PARTY PROVIDER, OTHER THAN THE MERCHANT OFFERING SUCH GOODS OR SERVICES, MAKES ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES REGARDING THE GOODS OR SERVICES OFFERED BY SUCH MERCHANT, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, OR COMPATIBILITY.

The general Terms of Use applicable to the Hobart website are incorporated herein by reference.