Mini Rotating
rack ovens

Bake in it. Roast in it. Rethermalize in it. The Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Oven does everything a full-size model does, except take up more space. The mini rotating rack oven is one of few at this size with a rotating interior rack for an even bake for everything from breads and pastries to meats and casseroles. Now that’s making a big impact.

Mini Rotating Rack Ovens:
perfect food, perfect fit.

Steam Control

Like all Baxter Rotating Rack Ovens, the mini rotating rack oven includes our patented self-contained spherical cast steam system, with two steamer assemblies per oven. The steam combines with our unique airflow system to provide even heat dispersion throughout the oven, which in turn provides an even bake. And the mini rack oven offers all of this in a footprint of just 48" W x 38.1" D x 48"H.

Precision Airflow

The heat exchangers in the mini rotating rack ovens are unique in that the tubes are made without welds for even heat distribution. Natural and propane gas ovens feature the same in-shot burner systems as our full-size models, so they work in the same manner, promoting consistent heat from the top to the bottom of the oven.

Baxter’s mini rotating rack oven was one of the first of its kind with a rotating rack, a feature still rare in ovens this size. The rotation promotes an even bake in both gas and electric models, no matter what you’re baking.

Digital Controls

Digital controls are easily programmable—in fact, you can use the “Quick Set” feature to enter oven settings for up to 99 recipes each with up to 4-steps, all of which can be recalled at the touch of a button. Controls allow the operator to select features such as auto on/off, auto vent, fan delay and time/temperature to make operation even simpler.

Not only are the controls easy to use, but easy to clean with surface mounted controls and curved edges which helps prevent food particle build up.

Most importantly, you can count on all these features working.
Baxter thoroughly tests every function on every one of our
rotating rack ovens before it’s shipped to you.

Mini Oven. Maximum Versatility.

The smaller size of the mini rack oven enhances the Baxter standard of versatility. The ability to handle a wide range of products in a small footprint makes it easier to try new products and respond to changing tastes.

The 48" W x 38.1" D mini rack oven is available in six-pan, eight-pan or 12-pan configurations. For further versatility, optional proofer and stand base choices are offered. Either base choice maximizes the space in a kitchen by staying within the same footprint. The proofer base holds 16 pans to perfectly complement the oven in a baking application. The stand base is available in two heights to provide storage space below the oven while meeting the height demands for a variety of cooking and baking applications. Regardless of capacity, the interior rack is easily removable for cleaning and routine maintenance.

Mini rotating rack ovens are available in natural gas, propane or electric.

Option Gas Electric
6-pan, side-load or end-load interior racks X X
8-pan, side-load or end-load interior racks X X
12-pan, end-load interior rack X X
Flexible gas disconnect X  
OV300 Accessories
Standard 16-pan Proofer Base X X
Features digital controls, self-contained steam system, easy-to-open doors that form a tight seal, stainless steel interior and exterior
Standard Stand Base X X
Features stainless steel interior and exterior, 12-pan capacity in 27"H stand

Strong, reliable, ready to work.

Consistent Operation.

Every Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Oven is constructed from durable stainless steel, and the front frame and final oven are welded in a fixture to ensure quality, accuracy and repeatability. That kind of quality construction is evident inside and out, and each unit is 100 percent tested in our factory and shipped fully assembled to you.

Each oven stands up to day-to-day use with independent doors hung on two heavy-duty hinges to prevent sagging, with door-sensing magnets to ensure proper closure.

The electric Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Oven is equipped with a high-voltage electrical breaker for shutoff. Gas models are equipped with a gas shutoff on the gas valve. These are located behind a lift door in the control panel for easy access. The in-shot burners of our gas ovens have a innovative design - no moving parts, no burner blower required. We are so confident in this technology, we warrant the tubes for 10 years without requiring annual preventative maintenance visits.

Efficient for cooking and for costs.

With so many concerns about energy efficiency—not to mention budget efficiency—you’ll be pleased to know that our rotating rack ovens are built to reduce the amount of energy you use in your cooking and baking.

Loading and unloading the oven doesn’t mean you’ll lose heat. The thermal mass of our steam system acts as a heat reservoir to prevent heat loss when doors are opened and to ensure faster heat recovery. The wide viewing windows that allow you and your customers a look at what’s baking are constructed from tempered glass. In-shot burners in the gas models feature a quick start-up and recovery, and as an added bonus, they operate quietly, too.

Patented cast iron steam system.

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Patented heat exchange system.

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Airflow System.

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