Deck Ovens

Chicago-style pizzas, hearth-style breads – Baxter Deck Ovens are perfect for any product where the crust is king.

Perfect for scratch baking operations

Uses atmospheric steam for even heat distribution

Independent operation for each deck to bake different products simultaneously

Baxter Deck Ovens combine innovative steam technology with versatile and durable design for the perfect baking machine. With up to 4 independent decks and a variety of heat settings, you have ultimate control of how many products to bake and how to bake them.

The combination of specially designed heating elements and high-quality, atmospheric steam means you get exactly the finish you want, from a thick, chewy pizza slice to a flaky, crispy loaf of artisan bread.


Consistent Baking

Designed and sized to provide an optimal, even bake in every Baxter Deck Oven.

The oven does the hard work for you, distributing heat evenly throughout for consistent baking and browning. High-capacity steam is available at a moment’s notice during the bake cycle. Deck Ovens utilize atmospheric steam to help ensure everything you bake has the perfect finish.

Versatile Design

Each oven is sold separately so you can perfectly match product mix and production needs.

The key to versatility is control. The oven’s steam system does not retain excess water. Each deck operates independently, allowing different heat settings. The operator can also individually set the amount of top and bottom heat within each deck to better control the bake of the product in each.


Optimal, Even Baking Made Simple

Baking Technology
Built for baking excellence -- no matter the scale
Stainless Steel Construction
Made with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel

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