Deck ovens

Chicago-style pizzas, hearth-style breads — Baxter Deck Ovens are perfect for any product where the crust is king. The combination of specially designed heating elements and high-quality, atmospheric steam means you get exactly the finish you want, from a thick, chewy pizza slice to a flaky, crispy loaf of artisan bread.

Optimal, even baking made simple.

Steam Control

The reliable heating elements that Baxter is known for are designed and sized to provide an optimal, even bake in every Baxter Deck Oven. The oven does the hard work for you, distributing heat evenly throughout for consistent baking and browning. High-capacity steam is available at a moment’s notice during the bake cycle. And the steam doesn’t come from a boiler. Instead, atmospheric steam is under your control, ensuring that everything you bake has the perfect finish. And because independent elements are used to generate steam, oven temperature is recovered in a flash.

It’s easy to lure in customers, too—a full glass door gives them an unobstructed view of whatever’s baking. That glass door is easily removable for cleaning as well.

The variety in the oven results in consistency in your product.

For the Baxter Deck Oven, the key to versatility is control. You can control the crispiness of crusts because the oven’s steam system does not retain excess water—that means no boil-off effect at the end of a bake cycle when steam is not wanted.

Need to bake two different types of products, such as thick-crust and thin-crust pizzas, but need to get both done quickly? Each deck operates independently, allowing different heat settings. The operator can also individually set the amount of top and bottom heat within each deck to better control the bake of the product in each. The oven interior can withstand heat as high as 550°F.

Each oven is sold seperately, and can be stacked up to four decks high to perfectly match product mix and production needs.

This is the one oven that can stand the heat.

When you’re cooking for temperatures up to 550°F, you’ve got to be tough. Baxter Deck Ovens are constructed with a high-temperature-reinforced, 5/8”-thick stone baking surface.

Thanks to single water and drain connections, the oven’s steam system is easy to maintain. Because no water is held inside the oven, Baxter Deck Oven interiors won’t rust like competitive models. For convenience, the vent and drain connections can be combined for multiple stacked units.

And because cooking with high heat requires extra precaution, the oven door opens inward so that no hot surfaces will protrude into the kitchen.

Patented cast iron steam system.

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Patented heat exchange system.

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Airflow System.

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