Specialty Products
& Accessories

Practical, durable, innovative. In other words, Baxter specialty products and accessories are built to fit in perfectly with our ovens, proofers and retarder/proofers.

Practical accessories such as stainless steel ingredient bins that hold up to 190 lbs. of granulated sugar and everyday organizational tools like clipboards.

Stainless Steel Ingredient Bin

Known throughout the industry as durable, top-of-the-line product, Baxter’s stainless steel ingredient bins are used for storing any kind of dry ingredient used for baking—flour, sugar, salt or baking powder.

Extra storage and added convenience.

Not only made to be durable, Baxter ingredient bins are also designed with convenience in mind. The bins are specifically designed to fit under a standard 36”H table for easy access. Three-inch casters make them easy to move, even when fully loaded.

Divided bins (two or three compartments) are also available for convenient seperation of ingredients. And all bins are designed with sanitary coved corners, eliminating the need for costly liners.

Easy access to all your ingredients.

Got cake flour? Granulated sugar? Cinnamon, baking soda, salt, cream of tatar, cumin, saffron...? Okay, you get the idea—our ingredient bins have divided departments that let you separate ingredients within one unit. And they have the capacity to hold plenty of ingredients—for instance, about 120 lbs. of cake flour or 190 lbs. of sugar.

Stainless construction for lasting storage.

Baxter’s ingredient bins are made from one very durable, rectangular piece of stainless sheet metal. The one-sheet design makes the bin even more durable, ensuring that it will hold up over time. Sliding top covers and a coved corner design keep the bins sanitary and eliminate the need for costly liners.

Heavy-duty racks are designed for Baxter Single Rotating Rack Ovens and Double Rotating Rack Ovens.

Baxter oven racks are practical and durable equipment for your kitchen. Offered in either aluminum or stainless steel models, all racks are constructed with 4" swivel casters and top lifters compatible with Baxter rack oven. A variety of size configurations and slide spacing are offered to ensure we have the right rack for your application.

The Baxter Water Meter offers highly precise control of water temperature within ±1°F and volume within a tolerance of ±1%.

Baxter Water Meter

In every aspect of baking, the more you can control all the factors that influence your product, the better the final result. The Baxter Water Meter offers highly precise control of water temperature within ±1°F and volume within a tolerance of ±1%. This precision ensures the Baxter Water Meter will deliver a specific amount of water at a specific temperature to help achieve exactly the dough consistency you want.

Simple operation, precise control.

The Baxter Water Meter makes it easy to precisely control water, ensuring the correct dough consistency.

A digital control panel displays both programmed and actual water temperature and volume and includes straightforward start/stop/resume buttons. Controls can be locked to display only pounds/ounces or liters/centiliters. A memory function preserves the settings in the event of a power failure.

Because the water meter is controlled by a microcomputer, the chance for human error is greatly reduced. That saves you both labor and worry.

Gives you flexibility for a wide range of dough types and amounts.

You have the capacity you need with a Baxter Water Meter. Hot and cold inputs can deliver up to 1,000 lbs. of water. A temperature probe lets you monitor external temperatures.

Built to last (it is, after all, a Baxter).

Like most Baxter products, our water meter is constructed of stainless steel for durability and has a temperature range of 32°F to 125°F. Weighing in at only 52 pounds, it can easily be wall mounted.

Baxter enhances scratch baking.

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