The Baxter Retarder/Proofer is an excellent way to maximize square footage and add flexibility to production scheduling for small bakeries, large supermarkets or institutions. The space-saving combination eliminates the need for additional equipment by combining all the features of a proofing cabinet and a retarder into one unit.

Making a lot of dough has never been easier.

Precision Airflow

The patented airflow and humidity systems of the Baxter Standard Retarder/Proofer ensure careful proofing of delicate products. Our airflow system forces air through the retarder/proofer in two different directions, creating a circular pattern of heat for a balanced, controlled proof that minimizes product drying.

Humidification System

Our humidification system creates abundant moisture using a nozzle to spray water onto a heated metal plate. Temperature and moisture levels are also controlled during the retarding cycles to eliminate drying before the proof cycle begins. The retarder/proofer boasts most of the features of our independent proofers. And like our proofers, the retarder/proofer features a heat and humidity system that is easily accessible, internally mounted and requires no flushing.

Digital Controls

Our retarder/proofer has door-mounted, eye-level digital controls to let you precisely set temperature and humidity for the proofing cycle as well as set the retarding temperature to meet the requirements of your product. What’s more, a programmable 24-hour timer allows programming of both retarding and proofing cycle settings up to one week in advance.


All of our retarder/proofers are built to utilize a remote or existing refrigeration system. If your facility doesn’t have its own refrigeration system, contact us to discuss your refrigeration possibilities. And not only does the retarder/proofer save space, but because each one is built in modular pieces, you can also choose from a wide selection of sizes and rack capacities.

Most importantly, you can count on all these features working.
Baxter thoroughly tests every function on every one of our
retarder/proofers before it’s shipped to you.

For space-saving equipment, it offers surprising depth.

We know that your operation is just as variable as the products you need to proof. That’s why every retarder/proofer width we offer, single or double, is available in five depths to accommodate larger foodservice operations and smaller bakeries. The versatility doesn’t end there. We include four independent rack timers, so you can simultaneously proof products that require varying times at once. A programmable 24-hour timer can be set to a one- or seven-day cycle.

Standard single-width retarder/proofers come with a field-reversible door that can be hinged on the right or left and switched on site to accommodate workflow. Our double-width retarder/proofer has all the standard features, plus doors that swing from the outside corners and have a lap strip where they meet in the center—no center jamb to obstruct or limit loading.

Optional equipment makes Baxter Retarder/Proofers even more versatile:

  • Stainless steel floor
  • Interior light
  • Upper finish trim for one or both sides
  • Prison safety package
  • Self-contained refrigeration system (available for 40.5”K adn 60.5”D only)

Not just reliable operation but safe operation.

The same Baxter durability evident in our standard proofers is maintained in our retarder/proofers, from rugged stainless steel interiors and exteriors to thoughtful operation features. A design with no exposed moving parts, fans or hot surfaces enhances operator safety.

Airflow System.

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