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Proven technology. Authentic results. It's really been our motto since 1958.

High-tech manufacturing combined with personal service. A global presence with small-town roots. In our 50-plus years in business, Baxter has been many things to many industries. But mainly we've been a leader in designing and manufacturing quality foodservice and bakery equipment worldwide. We understand that advanced technology is there for one thing: to help you create an authentic experience for your customers—the look of artisan bread, the scent of fresh food being baked on site, the appeal of seeing a tempting entrée being prepared. Since becoming part of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), the parent company of Hobart, we've only increased that understanding, and as a result have further improved our customer support, design quality and manufacturing capabilities. Read on to learn more about our company.

How do you keep customers loyal? Keep giving them what they need.

Our CustomersIn our case, superior, durable equipment designed to last has led to a long history of loyal customers. When our customers' needs change, we find ways to not only supply what they need but also supply equipment that always performs optimally, is easy to install, efficient to operate, and has parts and service available to ensure minimum downtime.

Industries we serve.
Baxter is a leading equipment supplier to a growing number of major institutions, schools, grocery stores, hospitals, assisted-care facilities, hotels, restaurants, resorts, correctional facilities and military locations.

You'll find Baxter products in small independent bakeries as well as facilities with multiple ovens for bulk processing. Our equipment is used for a multitude of applications including bread and confectionery baking, roasting meat and poultry, and reheating batch-cooked and frozen meals.

Baxter's rack ovens are increasingly used in the "finishing process" for precooked or pre-proportioned foods and entire meals in the foodservice market. Batch-cooked foods (prepared on site or in a central commissary) can be chilled or frozen and pre-portioned, then later rolled into rack ovens to be rethermalized and finished for serving without sacrificing product quality.

Customers outside the United States.
Through our affiliation with many international firms and reciprocal trade with international manufacturers, Baxter products are used the world over. This global reach includes the ability to service our equipment through a worldwide service network.

A solid history of growth—and we're just getting started.

In 1958, when Max Baxter founded the company that still bears his name, he set into motion a pattern of growth and attention to detail that we still follow today. The timeline below highlights some of our proudest moments and most innovative products. We look forward to maintaining our high level of achievement—and to adding even more great moments to our company timeline.


Max Baxter founds the company in Tacoma, Wash., as a "job shop," manufacturing stainless steel tables and sinks, and making stainless equipment for other companies.


Baxter introduces the OV850 Series revolving tray oven.


Baxter introduces PB Series proofers and retarder/proofers.


Marlen Palmer is named president.


Baxter introduces the OV200 double-rack oven, the first rack oven manufactured at Baxter's facilities.


The OV200 single rack oven is introduced.

Baxter relocates its facility to Orting, Wash.  This move allows the company to continue to increase manufacturing capacity and the number of products offered.


The OV210 Series rack oven replaces the OV200.


Max Baxter retires.


PC Series proofers and retarder/proofers replace the PB Series.


Baxter is acquired by Premark International and becomes part of their food equipment group.

OV851 Series revolving-tray oven replaces the 850.


The OV300 electric mini-rack oven is introduced.  The OV300 is the first small oven featuring a rotating rack, which eliminates the need to rotate pans while baking to ensure an even result.


The OV300 gas mini-rack oven is introduced.  It is the first oven to utilize an in-shot burner/heat exchanger system.


Premark is acquired by Illinois Tool Works (ITW), the parent company of Hobart.  This same year, the ITW Toolbox is introduced.  The ITW Toolbox is a repository of proven strategies and techniques (product line simplification, segmentation, in-lining, cellular manufacturing and outsourcing, and manufacturing to the market rate of demand) that guides the business and helps find new ways to enhance customer satisfaction while reducing price points.


BXP Series proofers and retarder/proofers replace the PC.  This series marks the introduction of Baxter's patented airflow system, allowing the company to offer a proofer with a smaller footprint.


The BXA Series rack oven replaces the OV210.  The BXA is the first rack oven of its size with an in-shot burner/heat exchanger system, and also included Baxter's patented steam system.


PW Series proofers and retarder/proofers replace BXP.  The PW Series broadens Baxter's size offerings, giving the customer more options to best match their production requirements.



OV500 series rack oven replaces BXA/HBA series.  HCO series Hybrid Convection Oven is introduced. 




MB100 mini-proofer/holding cabinet introduced to complement the HCO100s launched the year before.




The OV500G2-EE energy-efficient double rack gas oven replaces the standard G2.  This oven model is launched with the lowest annual operating expense as reported by FSTC and helped change their testing protocol to include an energy idle mode on rack ovens.




Gas single & double rack OV500 ovens receive the EPA’s first ENERGY STAR® qualification for rack ovens. Learn more about the ENERGY STAR program at www.energystar.gov.


The secrets to our success? Not so secret.

Our SuccessOur success is based on the best features of our products—consistent heat, even airflow and generous steam—combined with the ability to meet the exacting standards of our customers. This is what we offer them:

  • Exclusive technical innovations. From our patented airflow and steam systems to our rotating rack oven, Baxter innovations improve baking results and kitchen efficiency.
  • Long lasting quality. For more than 50 years, bakers have known the Baxter brand for consistent, even results every time, no matter the production or batch size. As we continue to expand our product line to accommodate a variety of foods and cooking styles, we continue to deliver durable, quality, long-lasting equipment.
  • Flexibility. Consumer tastes and demands are always changing. We help our customers keep up with equipment that can produce everything from delicate pastries to roasted meats. Some of our additions include a Type I hood so that meat products can be roasted, and our mini rotating rack oven for unparalleled versatility in a small footprint.
  • Responsive shipping times. Baxter ships orders on a well-managed, customer-oriented schedule with lead times ranging from two to four weeks.
  • User-friendly equipment. Dedicated, skilled labor is in short supply for every bakery and foodservice operation. By supplying reliable, easy-to-use and automated bakery equipment, we help our customers stay as efficient as possible.
  • Labor-saving production. To save labor, many institutions such as hospitals, schools, in-house feeders and restaurants turn to central commissary operations, where products can be rethermalized or finished on location. Baxter supplies products such as rack ovens that provide the necessary versatility and consistency needed at both the commissary and consumer level.

Baxter: A multitude of opportunities

Since 1958, Baxter has been a leader in designing and manufacturing quality foodservice and bakery equipment worldwide. On January 1, 2009 Hobart and Baxter announced that Hobart will be representing the Baxter brand of baking products. This collective offering will bring together Baxter’s premier baking brand with Hobart’s network of foodservice and food retail, sales, dealers and service representatives to deliver a more complete package of kitchen equipment. Hobart is the best-known company within Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Food Equipment Group in North America. We are a leading supplier of equipment and systems for the foodservice and food retail industries with more than a billion dollars in sales and over 200 locations worldwide. We have been in business for over 100 years, and we have been known for our dependability, reliability and quality.

We realize that we made it to the top because of our people. They are the essence of our company, our greatest resources, and our most treasured assets. Only through the efforts of our people will we grow and prosper; keeping that in mind, we work hard to nurture development of our employees and create an open, flexible and supportive working environment.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits, and we support employees’ desires for continuous improvement through training, educational assistance, performance reviews and awards for extraordinary commitment.

If you are striving for excellence and would like to be a part of a Fortune 200 company that believes its people make a difference, please view our employment opportunities

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